Pydio – file sharing and teamwork program

A rather convenient PHP-based system for sharing your files and collaborating with your colleagues and clients.

Formerly known as AjaXplorer, now called Pydio. Community version available for free here.




Which deb package owns the file?

To find out which package the file belongs to in a Debian based system (Ubuntu, Mint, BunsenLabs etc.), you may use apt-file.

Normally this utility is not installed by default, so it goes like this.

Install it:

  • sudo apt-get install apt-file

Make it update its database:

  • apt-file update

Use it on any file, for example:

  • apt-file find /usr/bin/blender

Resize hard disk in VirtualBox

You may run out of space at your virtual hard drive of your virtual computer running inside Oracle VirtualBox.

You may easily expand the disk with one command. This example shows expanding a (dynamically allocated) disk to 20GB in size:

  • VBoxManage modifyhd "/home/john/VirtualBox VMs/bunsenlabs/bunsenlabs.vdi" --resize 20480

Please note, that you may have to supply the full path to your virtual disk file.

You can read more about it at Oracle’s site.

Also, you must afterwards extend the file system to use all the space that became available. Use a disk magament tool, typically gparted, to do it.

Please be aware, that the extra space on the virtual disk may not show up if you are using snapshots. In such a case you can clone the original virtual machine, merging all the changes  (“Full clone”), into a new one. Then, while it is switched off, run the modifyhd command on its .vdi file.

Please be aware that the purpose of the disk and the way of partitions are organized may prevent you from effectively resizing a particular partition. Consider creating a new partition in the new space and mount it at the necessary place in your file system (for example, mount the whole new partition as /home/john).

If there is an existing swap partition getting in the way, you can delete it and recreate at the end of the available space.

Find and replace text in all files in subdirectories

To search for and replace a text in all files in all subdirectories of the current directory:

  • find ./ -type f -exec sed -i -e 's/old-text/new-text/g' {} \;

Mail log says – connect to / Connection timed out

In your /var/mail/mail.log you see repeating records containing the same text:
(connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

This means that your system has an outgoing e-mail addressed to a mail account at the example domain, and it is stuck in the outgoing message queue.

It will remain there forever and be re-processed over and over again, unless you manually remove it.

Use the following command to see what the stuck (deferred) emails are:

  • postqueue -p

If you want to see what’s inside the email, do this, replacing the ID, A65961B8BDB, with the actual ID of the message you are interested in:

  • postcat -vq A65961B8BDB

And then, if you still want to get rid of it, just delete it:

  • postsuper -d A65961B8BDB

References: [1],[2]

PrestaShop 404 Not Found

Running PrestaShop you may experience error “404 Not Found” when attempting to connect to the back office.

If running nginx, add the following to your site’s configuration file in sites_enabled:

location /<YOUR_ADMIN_FOLDER>/ {
   if (!-e $request_filename) {
      rewrite ^/.*$ /<YOUR_ADMIN_FOLDER>/index.php last;

Where <YOUR_ADMIN_FOLDER> is your admin directory in Prestashop’s installation path, looking something like “admin563hdsk25”.

If you already see in the configuration file something like this, check if the <YOUR_ADMIN_FOLDER> parameter matches the actual path, as it may be simple leftover from another case.

Convert PDF to EPS

You may want to convert a PDF file to EPS format, for example to insert it in a Microsoft Word of LibreOffice Writer document.

One way to do is like this. This workflow creates an intermediary Postscript file during the conversion. Note: no need to provide name of the output EPS file, it will be created automatically.


  • pdf2ps myfile.pdf; ps2eps