Batch export bitmaps from MS Access database

What if you have this MS Access database *.mdb file with some kind of bitmap graphical information stored in its fields as OLE Object and want to extract it all automatically?

Use the free AccessImgExtract tool made by Jonas Reinhart.

Just enter the name the few parameters and it will extract and store the bitmaps as files in no time.


Open MDB files without MS Access on Windows

You can use the small and convenient MDB Viewer Plus utility to access data in a MDB database file.

Made by Alex Nolan, who has a lot of other useful utilities at his website.

Opening *.mdb files without MS Access installed

Option 1. OpenOffice

  • Start OpenOffice “base” component.
  • Select “Connect to an existing database”
  • Select either Access (in top of the list) or Access 2007 (bottom of the list) database type
  • Follow instructions (tick “edit after save”)

You will be able to access data tables (nothing else)

Note: It works on Windows, but I did not succeed in Linux – neither OpenOffice nor LibreOffice seem to have the option for connecting to Access databases. Am I missing something?

Option 2. mdbtools-gmbd

In Ubuntu it is available under Office menu as MDB Viewer, after you install it as mdbtools-gmbd.

Pretty simple tool, but it lets you to see data in your tables and export it to a text file.

By the way, you can download the classic Northwind Traders Sample Database from Microsoft website.