USB cable for Nikon D3300

For DSLR Nikon camera D3300 the proprietary standard USB cable is model UC-E17.

But you can use model UC-E6 with equal success, at least for image transfer.

Mount Nikon DSLR camer via PTP on Linux

Install gphotofs, then create mount directory, e.g. /media/NIKON

To unmount:

  • gphotofs /media/NIKON

To unmount:

  • fusermount -u /media/NIKON


Another way to get pictures is without mounting. First install gphoto2, then:

  • gphoto2 –auto-detect
  • gphoto2 –list-files
  • gphoto2 –get-all-files

Autodesk Tinkercad online 3d editor

Another useful little thing from Autodesk. Tinkercad.  A free online solids 3d modelling application.

Unlike many other free applications, it does allow downloading your model in a format you can actually use for something.  Which is great.

Keyboard shortcut to move file in Mac OS X

It is very easy to move a file or folder in Windows or Linux GUI file manager. Just cut the item and paste it wherever you want it, the same way you would move a block of text or an image in a word processor, for example. Simple.

Of course, it should not be that simple with Apple, because those people are too sophisticated for simple things. So, yes, you still can do it (surprise, surprise!), but in a quite counter-intuitive way:

  • Press Command+C to copy the file or folder
  • Browse to the place you want it to be
  • Press Command+Option+V to paste a copy of the copied item at the current destination and delete the original at the source, effectively moving it.


Autodesk Pixlr online image editor

Nearly perfect online image editor Autodesk Pixlr . For those cases when you don’t have any software installed to do the task.


Hikvision NVR DS-7608NI-E2

Hikvision security cameras are good, but NVRs can really drive you mad before you get them working.

Few notes on setting up DS-7608NI-E2 with Hikvision IP cameras.

Problem 1)

What: As soon as you switch the unit on, it starts beeping. Beeps come in series and constantly keep repeating. There is nothing about it in the manual.

Why: The unit has detected that it either does not have a HDD installed, or that HDD is not formatted (initialised).

How: Ignore the beeps, go to system menu, find the section about the disk management ant initialise the disk. As soon as you start formatting, the annoying beeps will stop.

Problem 2)

What: You easily set up continuous recording, but you can’t set up motion detection. Obviously the Hikvision NVR fails to detect motion. You check and re-check the settings, everything seems to be correct, but motion detection just does not work.

Why: The unit needs administrator password for the cameras. It is not obvious in the Web interface, though is clear enough in the console GUI (direct connection to display/screen).

How: Provide the administrator credentials. I suggest changing the admin passwords for cameras to numbers only, as I suspect that letters in the password confuse the NVR .

You can see that after you change motion detection settings in the NVR, they change accordingly in the IP camera itself too. The NVR is giving orders to cameras and that’s why it needs the admin password.

Problem 3)

What: It is quite likely that, while you struggle with IP camera login credentials, you will experience a situation where not only the NVR fails to connect to the cameras, but you also loose ability to login into the cameras via web interface and keep getting cryptic message “Network abnormal”.

Why: Not really clear, but it seems that the NVR confuses cameras by constantly trying to log in with incorrect credentials.

How: Just power off the respective camera by pulling the plug and then switch it on back again. It should be working now. You may still need to reconfigure or shut down the NVR before you are doing that, so that it does not mess it all up again before you even get back to your browser.

Sequentially number files

  • Number all PDF files in the directory (rename them like 001, 002, 003 … ) in bash:
a=1; for i in *.pdf; do new=$(printf "%03d.pdf" "$a"); mv -- "$i" "$new"; let a=a+1; done


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