Calendar Mac OS X “Failed to authenticate with Google”

You are trying to set up your Mac OS X Calendar to work with your Google account. You know it is possible, because you have done it before, but this time it just does not work. Everything seems to be correct, but whatever you do, you keep getting the message:

Authentication failed

Failed to authenticate with Google

One special reason for this may be that if you are using some kind of a personal firewall, e.g. TCPBlock, it is blocking attempts of the Calendar application to reach the Google server.

Try to disable the firewall for a short while and see if Calendar begins to work as it should. If it does, adjust your firewall settings.




Find geographic coordinates in Google Maps

So you are studying a map in Google Maps and you want to find out what are geographic latitude and longitude of a particualar place.


Just right-click your mouse at the point of interest and pick “What’s here?”. The coordinates show up in the Google¬† search box at the top left of your screen.

Now you can enter these coordinates into your GPS navigator.