Move and snap object to another object in Blender

Situation: We have an object (a cube) which we want to move and stick it precisely to a particular point at another object (another cube).

AutoCAD analogue: We have two boxes. We say move, select one box, choose as the point of reference intersection at a corner, then move the box with object snap to the intersection at a corner of another box.

How to do it in Blender:

Basically we are playing with two elements here:

  • POINT OF ORIGIN of the object, the miniature orange ball you can see for the object which is selected. It is our “reference point” for operations with the object.
  • CURSOR, the little red-white dashed ring with the black cross (and not the bigger white ring with 3d axis attached, that is the 3D Transform Manipulator).

The basic idea is that we strategically place the cursor somewhere at the scene, and then tell Blender to move the object so that its point of origin coincides with the cursor. Obviously, the strategic placement of the cursor in this context means placing it at the corner of the box to snap to.

We have our two cubes.


Click right on the cube on the left to select it.  Read the rest of this entry »