ISOCPEUR font for CAD drawings

You can get the popular drafting font ISOCPEUR here.



Convert DWG to DXF on Linux

If you have a pressing need to convert DWG drawing files into DXF format, e.g. when you are running Linux and use LibreCAD for your CAD tasks, you may use the excellent Teigha file converter provided for free by Open Design Alliance with no strings attached.

It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, works smoothly and provides high quality results.

Include the original measurement in AutoCAD dimension text override

So you want to add your own text to the dimension line in AutoCAD drawing, but you also want to keep the actual measurement data included somewhere in the custom text.

  • Right mouse button on dimension
  • Properties
  • Text
  • Text override
  • Type <> for the placeholder of the original measurement