Convert PDF to EPS

You may want to convert a PDF file to EPS format, for example to insert it in a Microsoft Word of LibreOffice Writer document.

One way to do is like this. This workflow creates an intermediary Postscript file during the conversion. Note: no need to provide name of the output EPS file, it will be created automatically.


  • pdf2ps myfile.pdf; ps2eps

Making Gantt charts in Excel

A tutorial on how to make make a Gantt chart in Excel by using standard graphing tools.

Excel does not recalculate

You type in the numbers, but the results in other cells do not change. The numbers seem frozen. You can type in whatever you want, the formulas in the cells are not recalculated.

Calculation mode is switched to manual.

Formulas -> Calculation -> Calculation Options -> Automatic

Non-breaking characters in MS Word

Use this in MS Word, if you do not want your text break at a space or a hyphen and get partially transferred to the next line.

  • Nonbreaking space: Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
  • Nonbreaking hyphen: Ctrl + Shift + Hyphen