LibreOffice add external data field to document

You may want to use some external variables that are shared between several of your Writer documents.

One way to do that would be to use Mail Merge, but that may not be what you prefer.

Another solution is to insert the data you want as DDE link to the source document.

Let’s say you have a string in your Calc spreadsheet and you want it to show up in your Writer document:

  • Open the Calc spreadsheet
  • Copy the cell
  • Open the Writer document
  • Select menu Edit -> Paste Special -> DDE Link
  • Press Ctrl+Z
  • Press Ctrl+F
  • Select Variable tab
  • Select Type: DDE Field
  • Select the name of variable in Select control
  • Click Insert button

The method is a bit clumsy, but it works just fine. Possibly you may stop after pasting the DDE link, which gives you a fragment of a table, depends upon what do you need.

To see field values instead of field codes:

  • Select menu View -> Field Names (or press Ctrl+F9)

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