Autostart improvised IDE

Possibly you prefer to use simple tools for your Web development tasks, and possibly you get annoyed by the need to start all those applications one by one every time.

You may automate the task though.

Here is a sample launcher script, which starts a console, a mySQL client logged into database (Note: the password is provided in plain text, which is not secure, so think if you can use that, if you can’t just leave “-p” and log in manually every time. Also note: password follows immediately after “-p”, there is no gap), a console ready to display errors from Apache error log, and a xed editor with some file already in it. The script is suited to fit 1680 x 1050 display.

If you are running Mint Mate, you can add a Custom Application Launcher calling this script to your panel, and you can use this icon for it, which fits nicely.

mate-terminal --geometry 102x42+0+0 -x sh -c 'echo "\033]0; cli \a"; cd /var/www/mysite_com; exec bash' &
mate-terminal --geometry 102x42+870+0 -x sh -c 'echo "\033]0; mySQL \a"; mysql -u data_mysite -D data_mysite -pdata_mysite; exec bash' &
mate-terminal --geometry 204x16+0+725 -x sh -c 'echo "\033]0; log \a"; cd /var/log/apache2; tail -n 0 -f error_mysite_com.log; exec bash' &
caja "/var/www/mysite_com" &
xed "/var/www/mysite_com/index.php" &



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