Windows 10 icon PNG

A 48×48 pixel PNG icon for use with Linux desktops.

Can be used to start a virtual machine with MS Windows 10 inside.

Windows 10 icon, PNG, 48x48 pixels

Windows 10 icon, PNG, 48×48 pixels


2 Comments on “Windows 10 icon PNG”

  1. Eloise says:

    Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilnialt posts.

  2. A really interesting blog post. I agree that the children do love series titles in this age group. I would like to see more standalone titles so that I could use them for a book group with my Year 3s. At this age they are willing to give new and different things a try. The Clumsies is doing well in my library and that is a similar size to Mr Gum. Perhaps if an author wrote lots of standalone titles for the same pub, booksellers would be able to place them on the shelf together, they could be branded but all about different characters, settings etc.It's an interesting dilemma.

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