Context menu in Mint file manager

You very easily add a context menu to the Nemo file manager in Linux Mint, which can be very convenient, if you must carry on some repetitive task on files.

If you are using the default Caja flie manager, it still may be worth to install Nemo, even if you will use it just for specific tasks.

  • Go to ~/.local/share/nemo/actions.
  • Create text file rotate.nemo_action
  • Add the following content:
[Nemo Action]
Name=Rotate CC 90o
Comment=Losslessly rotate image counter clockwise 90o
Exec=exiftran -i -2 %F
Selection = any

Now just right-click a file in Nemo file manager and select the new command from the context menu (This particular action will rotate a JPEG image file losslessly by 90 degrees counterclockwise).



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