Skip creating Microsoft account in Windows 8.1

You may feel that Microsoft is forcing you into signing up for a Microsoft account and sharing your data in order to be able to activate Windows 8.1.

Everything in the setup screens seems to be made to lure the user into signing up with Microsoft.

But actually there is an alternative for the old good local user account, only that this option is hidden well enough in the small print several screens down, too far away for the average user to even notice it’s there.

  • When you see “Next you’ll set up your account” and then “Sign in to your Microsoft account”, select “Create a new account”.
  • Then, at the screen “Create a Microsoft account” select “Sign in without a Microsoft account”.
  • Configure a normal local user account in the old fashioned way.

Some bells and whistles of the Windows may lack functionality, but its up to you to decide if you need them.

Anyway, you can create a Microsoft account later, if you decide that you need one.


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