Installing Boodler on Mint 17

Install prerequisites:

  • sudo apt-get install python-dev libpulse-dev

Make temporary directory, download Boolder, compile and install it:

  • mkdir -p boodler
  • cd boodler
  • wget
  • tar zxvf Boodler-2.0.4.tar.gz
  • cd Boodler-2.0.4
  • python build
  • sudo python install

Test the install. If you hear the sound, everything is all right and you may proceed. (Remember to use -o pulse switch on Ubuntu based distributions)

  • boodler -o pulse --testsound

Save the list below into a file packages.txt :

Download and install all Boodler sound packages, listed in the file you just made:

  • while read line; do boodle-mgr install $line; done < packages.txt


Some examples:

  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.ow.storm/HeavyStorm
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.ow.storm/LightStorm
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.ow.storm/MediumStorm
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.ow.storm/NoStormYet
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.ow.storm/OneStorm
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.ow.storm/RainForever
  • boodler -o pulse
  • boodler -o pulse
  • boodler -o pulse
  • boodler -o pulse
  • boodler -o pulse name.acroucher.seascape/BackgroundWaves
  • boodler -o pulse name.acroucher.seascape/WaveSounds
  • boodler -o pulse name.acroucher.seascape/waves
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/BusyHighway
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/BusyRailway
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/Highway
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/OccasionalCrossing
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/OccasionalTruck
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/RailroadCrossing
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/RandomTrack
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/Track
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/Transfer
  • boodler -o pulse com.eblong.zarf.journey/VaryingTrack
  • boodler -o pulse com.azulebanana.buddhaagent/ChangingLoopsPitches
  • boodler -o pulse com.azulebanana.buddhaagent/BuddhaLoop
  • boodler -o pulse com.azulebanana.buddhaagent/ChangingLoops
  • boodler -o pulse com.azulebanana.buddhaagent/LoopStew
  • boodler -o pulse com.azulebanana.buddhaagent/RandomLoop



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