Backup files from Windows client to Linux rsync server

Set up the rsync server running rsyncd daemon on Linux.

Get DeltaCopy for Windows and install it. Basically, it is a variant of rsync running in its own Cygwin environment on a Windows machine. It provides both the server and the client, but in this particular case we will need only the client. It does have a GUI.

You may experience a problem – DeltaCopy will not handle non-ASCII file names correctly. This can be solved easily.
Go get UTF8 compatible Cygwin library here (full article here). Unpack it and copy the .dll file over to the DeltaCopy directory under the ProgramFiles. You may want to rename the original .dll before you do, just in case.

Start the Deltacopy Client program and set up a new backup profile, it is pretty self-explanatory.



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