Stereo sound with two CCTV cameras

If you have two security IP cameras installed in such a way that they form kind of a wide base stereo pair, you can play audio from one camera on the left channel, and audio from the other camera on the right channel, which is (1) fun; (2) helpful.

We will use MPlayer for this purpose. Full computer screen resolution in this example is 1680×1050. We will make two MPlayer windows to show up next to each other in the top right part of the screen. Each will display video from one IP camera. Audio from each one will be going either to the left or to the right channel respectively.

mplayer -geometry 640x480+391+0 -af channels=2:1:0:0,volume=25 -user myuser -passwd mypassword rtsp://
mplayer -geometry 640x480+1040+0 -af channels=2:1:0:1,volume=25 -user myuser -passwd mypassword rtsp://

If you want you may play audio alone. Like this:

mplayer -vo null -af channels=2:1:0:0,volume=25 -user myuser -passwd mypassword rtsp://
mplayer -vo null -af channels=2:1:0:1,volume=25 -user myuser -passwd mypassword rtsp://

Tested with TL-SC4171G and TL-SC3171 IP cameras.


2 Comments on “Stereo sound with two CCTV cameras”

  1. Cannon says:

    So that’s the case? Quite a retevalion that is.

  2. Tati disse:Eu achei que fosse a única a não ter gostado do filme “Os vingadores”, e tentei entender porque não me encaixei na histeria coletiva provocada pelo filme. Agora acho que sei os cinco motivos do porquê de eu não ter gostado do filme. Concordo com o autor do texto em todos os grandes tópicos explicativos acima, me sinto consolada!

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