Re-using Konica Minolta bizhub waste toner box

You are working overnight to finish an urgent report due in the morning, and just as  you are about to print it, your Konica Minolta bizhub printer says that its waste toner box is full and needs to be replaced, and refuses to continue operation.

You have no spare waste toner box in stock. You can not reach a supplier before the deadline.

It seems like a good moment to panic, but, luckily, not everything is lost yet. It turns out that  you may manually dump the waste toner while keeping the box, and go on happily with your printing.

The particular fix is for Konica Minolta bizhub C224 (C364 series), but may well apply to a lot of other similar machines.


  • Get a lot of plastic trash bags.
  • Get a lot of paper towels.
  • Get a screwdriver.
  • A small brush may help.


  • Take out the waste toner box as advised by the manufacturer. Hold it straight!!!
  • Immediately place it into a plastic bag placed into another plastic bag.
  • Carefully turn it to access its bottom back side.

Cleaning the window:

  • Find a detail looking like a brick/mud colored knob. Actually it is a small transparent plastic box filled with waste toner from all the color cartridges.
  • Unscrew two small screws holding it to the box.
  • Carefully remove the small knob.
  • Carefully shake the waste toner out of it.
  • Don’t loose the foam gasket found around it!
  • Put it aside in a safe place.

Shaking out the waste toner:

  • Stick your hand into the double plastic bag where your waste toner box is.
  • Grab the box.
  • Pull close the plastic bags with your other hand around your hand holding the box.
  • Keep slowly  turning and carefully shaking the box in all directions to get the toner out of it through the openings.
  • Hold still for a moment and let the toner dust settle in the bag.
  • Carefully pull your hand out of the bag.
  • Get a new clean plastic bag.
  • Carefully move the waste toner box into the new bag.
  • Close the dirty plastic bags and put them into another bag for later disposal.
  • Go wash yourself.
  • Come back and wash the floor and anything else as needed.
  • Repeat until no more toner comes out of the box.

Cleaning the box:

  • Keep the waste toner box inside the bag.
  • If you have a brush, use it to scrub most of the waste toner dirt off the box.
  • Use paper towels to clean off the powder. Use in alteration moist/dry towels until the box is reasonably clean. You will never get it all clean, so decide for yourself when it is enough.

Re-installing the window:

  • Get the small transparent plastic knob, which you put aside in the beginning.
  • Carefully place it into its position. Fix it with the two screws. Don’t forget the gasket!

Re-installing the waste toner box:

  • Place the emptied and cleaned waste toner box into the printer as if it was a new one. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


I have got an impression that the printer is using an optical sensor to look into the transparent window knob of the waste toner box to see what the powder level is. Possibly it also judges the weight of the waste toner box. So, as long as the box is lightweight and its knob is transparent, the printer  is happy with it.


  • Be careful with the waste toner. It was designed by ingenious people to be extremely good at making things VERY dirty. Treat it with respect! Really.
  • You don’t want to do this on a carpet. If you absolutely have to, cover it in your work area with something, e.g. the plastic bags.
  • Don’t breath in the toner dust. It is not toxic, but (a) I know of the real life case of a woman dying of suffocation after breathing in plastic dust; (b) extremely fine particulate matter may be really bad to your health. I do not know if that is the case here, but we are not going to find it out on our own account, are we?

27 Comments on “Re-using Konica Minolta bizhub waste toner box”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    oh my gosh this totally just saved my butt, thanks! worked with a c360, although there was no mud-colored knob, just a clear little box that unscrews, otherwise pretty much the same process you describe here.

  2. Kathy D says:

    That worked great, can’t thank you enough!!

  3. waste tone mastah :) says:

    Yuppie ! It works. BIG Thank you.

  4. Martin says:

    Excellent information. On the Minolta C280 I emptied toner box by holding upside down over bin then washed out and dried the clear little box that is secured by 4 screws.

  5. ReyGun says:

    Oh My Good….Thank you…you helped me so much…works on C220…Thanks again!!

  6. riptyed says:

    This just saved me big time, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You really really got me out of a bind. Took the clear sensor tube off, emptied it, works great until I can get a new one in here. Whole office would’ve been mad. It worked for me on C554e, still relevant!

  7. Marli Medeiros says:


  8. Danie says:

    hi i did all of the above but my printer say its full what now!!!

  9. Danie says:

    it’s a biz hub c35

  10. peter anyin says:

    i like this
    I will try it

  11. Mario says:

    It works on c220.

  12. Alex says:

    you are very good person. thank you a lot.

  13. Pete says:

    Thanks for the help and tips. All a lot of help thanks.

  14. Stacey says:

    Worked like a charm on the Konica Minolta C360

  15. You saved us too! Thanks a million!

  16. It worked for me with a C3550. Thanks so much!

  17. Joann says:

    Perfect! It worked!

  18. Abby says:

    Years later and you’re still saving people! Thank you!!!

  19. Zeke says:

    I CAN NOT thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Teboho Makhene says:

    How to turn off toner sensors because it don’t read my refilled toner

  21. hopdavid says:

    Very helpful. I used a vacuum with a wedge attachment to clean the exterior of the water toner cartridge — worked pretty good.

  22. Smad says:

    YES! I had done all the other steps of manually emptying, but I didn’t know that part about emptying the clear window. Saved my butt, thank-you!

  23. Thanks so much! It worked!

  24. Neill K Kovrig says:

    This was a lifesaver – we have a C368, and it worked like a charm. Thank you thank you thank you!

  25. Dominic Guglielmino says:

    I was just about to go out and buy another printer, Thank god i found you guys.Thank you heaps,you saved me and my hip pocket

  26. BARBARA EVANS says:


  27. Kari says:

    Bless You!! this also worked on the KM Bizhub C368!! It is the only printer accessible to my entire office and could not locate a replacement with immediate availability. Your article and suggestions saved us!! Thanks a million !!

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