Missing network interface

You have two NIC cards, but only one of them works in Ubuntu.

You run ifconfig, but only one of them, the eth0, shows up. The supposed other interface eth1 is nowhere to be seen.

Well, possibly your system for some funny reason has left one of the interfaces disabled. Run a quick test:

lshw | grep netw

If you see something like shown below, then that is the case:

*-network DISABLED

You have to enable the disabled interface:

  1. open /etc/network/interfaces and copy/paste or retype at the end of the file the information for eth0 replacing eth0 with eth1, save
  2. run /etc/init.d/networking restart to activate changes
  3. run ifconfig to see if everything is Ok

P.S. This assumes that both interfaces get their IPs by DHCP


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