Record video from OD-2025HD IP camera with openRTSP

Dump to disk HD video from AirLive OD-2025HD network camera in Motion JPEG format packed in an .AVI container:

openRTSP -it -b 300000 -u myuser mypassword rtsp:// > video_file_name.avi

If you have the new version of openRTSP with the Periodic File output option (-P), you may save the video in, say, 10 sec chunks like this:

openRTSP -it -b 300000 -P 10 -u myuser mypassword rtsp://


Need to increase buffer size (-b option) to avoid “The total received frame size exceeds the client’s buffer size” error message.


A diffferent command, specifying particular port and a lower resolution, saving each video frame to its own JPEG file:

openRTSP -m -u myuser mypassword rtsp://
 Another path to video on OD-2025HD is:

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