Reset DSC PC1565-2P alarm status

Note: This is a reported solution. Haven’t tried it myself yet.

Given: DSC Classic PC1565H-2P alarm system with PC1555RKZ PowerSeries 8-Zone LED keypad. The system keeps beeping whenever there is motion in the premises (and possibly sometimes on its own). Yellow “System” error LED light is on. Red LED lights keep going on and off, obviously in concord to motion detected in different zones. Pressing [*][2] for status gives you steady red LED light on zone 1 (“service required” (“replace battery”?)).


Solution: To silence it and clear the error status press *4 followed 2 times by your premises access code.

Solution: It must go silent as soon as you read the status. The yellow “System” LED will remain on, indicating, that there is something not Ok with your system.

Possibly you still may want to talk to your service company.

Error codes (red LED which zone):
1 = Service required
2 = Loss of AC power
3 = Telephone line is cut
4 = Communications failure
5 = Sensor or zone fault
6 = Sensor or zone tamper
7 = Sensor low battery
8 = Loss of time and date

Pressing [*][4], as was suggested earlier, will just switch on the “Door Chime Feature”. That is, your unit will chirp every time the system senses any motion. May be a useful feature sometimes. Still, if you activated it accidentally, you can switch it back off by simply pressing [*][4] again).


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