XCF thumbnailer does not work in Ubuntu 12.04

So on your Ubuntu 12.04 system  you install the gnome-xcf-thumbnailer helper application, which is supposed to generate thumbnail icons for your XCF Gimp graphics files, but nothing happens. It just does not work.

Possible solution:

  • See if file gnome-xcf.thumbnailer exists in the directory /usr/share/thumbnailers
  • If it doesn’t, create it (you shall become root to do that) and type in the following:
[Thumbnailer Entry]
Exec=gnome-xcf-thumbnailer %i %o

As of March 2017 this problem still exists in Linux Mint 18 Sarah Mate.


4 Comments on “XCF thumbnailer does not work in Ubuntu 12.04”

  1. S. T. says:

    you nailed it! (no pun i.) Someone who works with lots of photos hobbywise, even professionally should appreciate this as I do. Workaround was to exp. to jpg, then you have a thumbnail of the xcf file, but that is soo clutzy. THANKS

  2. S. T. says:

    Works also in Mint LMDE

    • crcok says:

      Mint is, basically, Ubuntu. I at the moment also keep using Linux Mint 13 Maya. Because of the old Gnome interface. I hate Unity.
      And, as Ubuntu seems to plan switching to a new graphics system instead of X-Window, I am afraid soon the day will come to say “good-bye” to Ubuntu for good.
      Possibly, pure Debian will be the choice to go with.

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