Reboot Oracle virtual machine

So you have this virtual machine of yours running in the Oracle VirtualBox. You connect to it remotely using Terminal Services client. But then you have to reboot it.

Unfortunately it looks that there is no way to do it from the client, i.e. from within of the virtual machine itself. You need to have access to the host system where the VirtualBox software is running. And even then you can not do it from the GUI, you shall go to the command line interface and issue a text command. The bright side is that it works instantly.

The reboot command for Windows and Linux host systems respectively may look like this (substitute the virtual machine name with the actual name of your installation):

“C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage” controlvm “MS Windows XP” reset

or this

VBoxManage controlvm “MS Windows XP” reset


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