Connecting to hidden Wi-Fi network with Android device

So there is this hidden Wi-Fi network. A network which does not openly broadcast its name – the SSID.

My Android device, the HTC Desire S, was not able to connect to it by default.

The workaround was to use a wonderful tiny utility called HiddenSSID Enabler.

You can download it directly to your device via Android Market (becomes Play Store after upgrade). Well, obviously you need to get the device connected to the internet somehow. If you are in charge of the Wi-Fi access point, then it is easy – I just dropped any security for the Wi-Fi  for few minutes, made it broadcast its SSID and changed it to 123, then downloaded the app, and finally put back up all the defenses.

After the utility is installed, just run it, enter in the control the name of your hidden SSID and push the button. Nothing happens, but don’t be fooled – from now on your device will see the hidden network. I had entered all information, like the SSID and the password, manually before. So right after I run the HiddenSSID Enabler the hidden network connection automagically came up to life like a charm.


By the way, it turned out that my HTC Desire will not connect to a network, which has a long password with special symbols in it. A 24 character string of mixed letters of the alphabet and numbers is Ok in my case though.


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