How to open Motorola TLKR T4 radio

So I have got this Motorola TLKR T4 walkie-talkie.

First of all let me tell you it is more of a toy than a real radio. A trinket. Basically it is of use only in a shouting distance. The specifications say it has the range of 6 km. I don’t know. Maybe in the open space. In the real life it is more like 600 m than 6 km. You can easily replace it with an old magazine rolled into a megaphone. If it works, so will T4. And if it doesn’t, chances are T4 will not either.

Anyway. It may be useful sometimes, I guess. If you want to talk to your neighbor on a rainy day without leaving your house, or if you are driving with your friends in a caravan of several cars in a foreign country and want to keep the costs low and so prefer walkie-talkies to mobile phone roaming. There may be uses for it. You will just have to find one. As it basically is not fit for the advertised purposes due to its ridiculously short range. Which, I guess, is something this class of devices universally suffers from, not that this Motorola product would be any worse than other similar products of its kind.

But now, to the Batmobile to the disassembly!

Opening TLKR T4 is much simpler than it seems at the beginning:

  1. You start by removing the belt clip, battery compartment cover and the batteries. Then remove the three screws.
  2. Now you may get stuck – the screws are removed, but the body still holds together. You get the impression, that the body parts are held together by the antenna. But it is not so. Two halves of the body are held together with two hinge-like clips at the inside, one at each side of the antenna end of the body. What you have to do is to use moderate force to pull the halves apart, starting from the bottom (the end farthest away from the antenna).
  3. That is all. So simple. 🙂


  • Body halves look like consisting of separate black and silver parts. But it is not so. Actually, each half of the body is made of the same black plastic and only partially painted over with the silver paint.

And now the images:


One Comment on “How to open Motorola TLKR T4 radio”

  1. EG says:

    Thank you, it helps me a lot

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