Linux RD client fails – no valid license available

You try to connect from your Linux box to your MS Windows server just the same way you normally do, but it fails.

Remmina, tsclient, xfreerdp just fail. Client window pops up for a split second and then the connection drops. No useful error messages.

Nearly the same goes for rdesktop, except this time you get a clue of what is going on. The message says:

disconnect: No valid license available.

A quick fix is to tell your RD client the host name of the client computer you are connecting from. For example:

rdesktop -n <your_client_computer_hostname> <the_server_computer_IP>

Sometimes you have got a GUI window, where you can input the name of the client. In  the case of tsclient (Terminal Server Client) there is “Client Hostname” edit control in GUI just for this.

Note: Don’t forget to pay attention to the correct upper and lower case letters in the hostname.


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