hMailServer – free mail server for Windows

Recently I was in need of a free SMTP server software for Windows. Its purpose would be to serve as a proxy server to allow employees of a company to send their mails out via the company ‘s ISP SMTP server regardless of the actual location of the user in sense of the IP address range (You know, all that “Relaying denied” stuff if you use different ISP when moving around…).

So after some research I found this really awesome piece of software called hMailServer !

See the developer’s site at .

After some quick and easy (on second attempt) initial configuration (although not so obvious, at least to me, at the first attempt) it was up and running in no time, worked like a charm!, and still is running absolutely flawlessly at the company’s server for more than a month now, picking up e-mails from the users and shoveling them up to the ISP’s mail server for further delivery.

Unexpectedly enough, using this proxy server for sending e-mails has actually increased apparent speed of delivery and improved user experience, obviously serving as a buffer between the user and the ISP.

The hMailServer has a host of other useful functions and also the POP3 and IMAP serving ability. So I very much recommend that you have a look at this brilliant piece of free software.


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