Capture HD video from SONY Handycam

To capture HD video from SONY Handycam by Firewire (IEEE 1394) cable use dvgrab utility!

An example:

  • dvgrab -format hdv -timestamp -autosplit capture_

This will save high definition video split at scene borders to files named like capture_2014.07.14_10:30:35.m2t etc.

Tested with SONY Handycam HDR-HC9.


Stanley Cubix Self Levelling Cross Line Laser Level

Hereby I am recommending the aforementioned piece of hardware.

Well priced and efficient. Was considering Bosch products like PCL 10, but finally settled for Stanley Cubix. Pretty happy with the decision, actually…

Stanley Cubix

Though the otherwise wonderful bracket system is virtually unusable because it is adjusted by means of a screw with soft plastic head, which fails when you try to fasten the bracket.

Yes, please also note, that it is a tool for use indoors, which means that you will not see its laser cross on a sunny summer day (at all). Still, if you wait till dusk, it becomes visible, quite bright and sharp.

Use PID of child process in bash

Launch a child process, get its PID, show a message, wait for the child to complete and show another message:

  • ls -R /var >> /dev/null &  echo PID $! running; wait $!; echo PID $! completed


  1. Use of & after the command is mandatory, or else you will not get the PID you want.
  2. Using asynchronous execution in combination with wait command is, obviously, equivalent to using a synchronous call, except that it gives you more power.
  3. Using wait with no arguments will make the parent process to wait for all children it ever spawned, using wait with a PID will make it wait only for that particular process.



Konica Minolta bizhub C224 default admin password

The default administrator password to enter at the Konica Minolta bizhub C224 control console:

  • 1234567812345678

Carriage return causes error in bash in Cygwin


When trying to run a bash script in Cygwin you may experience mysterious errors, like

  • ‘\r’ : command not found


  • “No such file or directory” with \#015 here and there in the file paths.


Did you use Windows software to edit the shell script file?

If so, the problem is extra carriage return symbol (cr aka \#015) added by Windows at the end of the strings.


Clean your shell file by running it through dos2unix utility before execution.

Rename the script file, say to something like script.dos, then run

  • dos2unix script.dos




List directories only with ls

  • ls -d */


  • ls -ld */


Show saved Thunderbird password

Normally you do not see the password Thunderbird uses to check your mail.

It may become a problem if you forget your password.

But in fact you can see it if you want:

Edit -> Preferences -> Security -> Passwords -> Saved Passwords -> Show Passwords


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