Merge WAV files

Merge all WAV files in directory into a single big WAV file using sox:

  • myvar=`ls *.wav | awk ‘{ ORS=” “; print; }’`; echo $myvar; sox $myvar all.wav


If the copy+pasted example script does not work, try to retype the tick marks, as they can be “spoiled” by HTML formatting of the web page.

Non-breaking characters in MS Word

Use this in MS Word, if you do not want your text break at a space or a hyphen and get partially transferred to the next line.

  • Nonbreaking space: Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
  • Nonbreaking hyphen: Ctrl + Shift + Hyphen

Get rid of electret microphone buzz

So you get an audio module consisting of a preamp running on DC and an electret microphone in a metal capsule, connected by two wire line to the preamp. You plug it into either CCTV camera audio input or microphone socket of your PC and there is a buzz. A loud humming noise. Sometimes it is the hum of 50 Hz (60 Hz I suppose if you are in the States) electric power line,  sometimes it is a loud tearing noise or similar…


When you touch the body of the microphone, the buzz is gone. Nearly complete silence! Slight hiss remains, but we can live with that, that’s common…

You look for a solution. You read on-line a lot about audio equipment noises, grounding issues, ground loops etc., but the information is insufficient, superficial and more often than not is provided by incompetent individuals. It does not help the least.

The solution is simple.

Shield the damn thing!
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Geotagging photos without built-in GPS

When facing a decision of what new photographic camera you should buy, you may have to decide if it is worth to spend extra 100 EUR or more for a built-in GPS.

Sure, having that is very convenient, but do you really need it so often and wouldn’t it be wiser to spend that extra cash on a better lens?

But then, what about all those photos with forgotten place of shooting?

Well, pretty simple way to get your shooting positions without a built-in GPS is to have a separate GPS device in your pocket (like a dedicated GPS receiver or simply a smartphone with GPS logger activated) and later extract the shooting position by linking the timestamps in the GPS log and in the photo. Just so simple.

Some more about it here.


Of course the clock in camera shall be synchronized to the GPS, or the time difference shall be noted. The simplest way to do that, as described in the link above, is just to make a picture of GPS unit showing the current coordinates.

All ls output in one line

Ways to get output in one line so that you can feed it to another program:

  • File names are separated by a comma and a space:
ls -m
  • Files names in the line are separated by a space:
ls | awk '{ ORS=" "; print; }'


Merge all WAV files in directory into a single big WAV file using sox:

myvar=`ls *.wav | awk '{ ORS=" "; print; }'`; echo $myvar; sox $myvar all.wav

Search in all sheets in Calc

You can find and replace text not only in the current sheet in Calc, but in all the sheets in the file. Just click “More Options” button in the “Find and Replace” dialog and check “Search in all sheets”. It may help to save a lot of your time.

Spell check does not work in Calc

So spell check does not work in Calc. This usually happens in documents you have received from somebody else.

Everything seems to be fine, it just does not happen.

Check the default text style (F11 – Default – Modify – Font – Language ]. It is possible that the language assigned to the text in the document is not the one you have your spell checker for. Just change the language to something it does recognize.


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