Video stabilization in Linux

To stabilize (deshake) a video you can use the transcode program normally available for Linux  distributions.

Though, you may need to get updated plug-in binaries (read more), if you are getting messages like “[] warning: unsupported Codec: 2″.

Then you go for the first run, which is analyzing the video and generating an info file for future use:

  • transcode -J stabilize -i shaking.mp4

And then comes the second run, which is the actual image stabilization:

  • transcode -J transform -i shaking.mp4 -y xvid -o stable.avi


Bash “for” loop breaks at spaces in file names

Say, you want to batch create a set of soft links to files.

The first example will not work, as directory and file names with spaces in them will be broken into separate words:

currdir=`pwd`; for i in `ls *.mpg` ; do ln -s $currdir/$i /tmp/destinationdir; done

This example will work just fine:

currdir=`pwd`; for i in *.mpg ; do ln -s "$currdir"/"$i" /tmp/destinationdir; done


  • Do not use ls or find to get the file names, instead use the bash shell’s built-in functions!
  • Enclose the variable names in double quotes!

Make bootable Windows XP setup flash USB disk

Use rufus  to make the USB boot disk for Windows XP install. Quick and easy.

Have your installation disk .ISO ready and select “Create a bootable disk using: ISO image”.

This one is a Windows only solution.


dstat – versatile tool for generating system resource statistics

TTF Font Awesome

Good TTF font with some useful symbols:


fallocate – preallocate space to a file

man fallocate

Edit tag names and colors in Thunderbird

Obviously only the 5 existing tags can be there.

Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor

Search for:

Change name for tag color No.5:

Change RTB value for tag color No.5:

- Color hex values seem to be case sensitive (shall be uppercase)
- Not all colors work (they just get displayed as black)


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